Land Stewardship

BRC’s job begins when a conservation easement or acquisition closes.  The obligation to ensure the permanent protection of each property’s conservation values is our land stewardship program.  BRC has a legal responsibility to steward all of our conservation properties forever.

BRC’s stewardship staff annually visits each conservation easement property to ensure the terms of the easement are being upheld and that any changes made to the property are in harmony with the easement.  After each visit the property’s condition is documented for permanent record.  All landowners are invited to join us during the visit.

BRC also owns property throughout our service area.  These properties are managed according to carefully crafted management plans designed to protect the important natural and cultural features of the property.

A strong Stewardship Program at BRC provides permanent protection for our conservation projects.  This intern builds positive relationships with landowners and trust in the community we serve.


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