Two-mile Peak Mountain Trail proposed in Seven Devils

In a town council meeting on Feb. 14, the town of Seven Devils authorized a pre-application for a Recreation Trails Program Grant for the new Peak Mountain Trail.

“The town council has great vision for creating and preserving more green areas in and around the town of Seven Devils,” said Debbie Powers, town manager.

The town worked with Blue Ridge Conservancy — who acquired the 245 acres of Peak Mountain in April 2016 thanks to a donation from Fred and Alice Stanback — to develop the plan for the proposed trail and apply for the grant.

Nikki Bauman
BRC Gets the Gift of Land Just in Time for the Holidays

Blue Ridge Conservancy received an early Christmas gift from the Logan family in early December.  Jane Logan donated 72 acres along the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Cascades Falls Overlook to BRC.  Located in Ashe County, this property will contribute to the connectivity of protected lands in the area, benefiting the public by preserving vistas and promoting healthy waterways.  Connecting large, undeveloped tracts of land has positive impacts on wildlife habitat and water quality.

Nikki Bauman
Blue Ridge Parkway Scenic Vistas Protected with the Expansion of Doughton Park

Blue Ridge Conservancy (BRC) and the Conservation Trust for North Carolina (CTNC) jointly purchased a 103-acre property along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Alleghany County.  The land borders the Parkway and Doughton Park for approximately 4,000 feet, and features both scenic vistas and important wildlife habitat.

This section of the Parkway was cut into the north side of Bluff Mountain where ice coats the rocks above the road, thus giving this area the name “Ice Rock.” The Ice Rock is a popular destination for ice climbing in the winter when the Parkway is closed.

Nikki Bauman